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Growth Investing

Growth Investing in Philadelphia, PA

The aim of any investor is to see their capital grow. While there are no guarantees, professional investors have developed strategies to help identify and capitalize on investments with potential for profit.

Advanced Accounting Solutions takes a strategic approach to investing, utilizing diversification and our extensive experience. We help clients across Philadelphia and PA create a fully diversified portfolio and work toward their financial goals.

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Our Approach to Growth Investing

When it comes to investing, Advanced Accounting Solutions takes a conservative approach. We strive to build your portfolio with stocks that show positive growth potential, and minimize risks and unnecessary expenses when possible.

As part of our conservative strategy, we avoid making highly concentrated investments into single or small groups of stocks and mutual funds. A diversified portfolio spreads your money across many different markets, giving you a foothold in differentiated emerging opportunities and balancing your portfolio against potential unsuccessful investments.

Building a Growth Investment Portfolio

Growth investing differs from its alternative approach, value investing. While the latter is about buying undervalued stocks that may or may not provide returns, growth investing looks for stocks that have a positive track record for invested capital.

Growth investing favors stocks in areas that tend to see more growth overall, including emerging markets, internet and technology, blue chips, recovery shares, and smaller companies that demonstrate growth. Making sound investments involves significant research and evaluation before a purchase is made.

We take the time to consider a company’s standing in numerous areas, and attempt to make investments in companies that make a strong showing in key areas*. A good growth investment stock often demonstrates the following traits:

  • Strong growth in historical earnings
  • Favorable forward earnings growth
  • Financial resilience
  • Positive corporate culture
  • Skilled leadership and effective company management

As with all stocks, growth investing carries risks and cannot guarantee successful returns. We use our knowledge, experience, and dedication to help find worthwhile investment opportunities that point you toward your goals of financial growth.

The Discerning Financial Approach in PA

At Advanced Accounting Solutions, we are passionate about helping you create a plan to pursue your financial objectives. We help you understand your options to make informed investment decisions. We don’t rely on a proprietary product; rather, we help you build a portfolio that is unique to you and reflects your interests.

Let us help you work toward peace of mind. Contact our Philadelphia, PA office today.

Information presented on this website is not intended as tax or legal advice. You are encouraged to seek tax or legal advice from a qualified professional.

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